Experienced Drivers


We will need a copy of the following to process your application:

  • M.V.R.
  • Current C.D.L.
  • Current Medical Card with long form
  • Vehicle Registration
  • Annual Vehicle Inspection
  • Cell Phone: You should already have a cell phone when signing on.
  • Signs: Signs will be provided by DMW. There will be no cost to you for these signs as long as you complete your 90 day probation period. A $150.00(subject to change) fee will be deducted if you leave DMW before 90 days.
  • Drug Screening: DMW will set an appointment with our facility for your pre-lease drug screen. We will deduct $60.00(subject to change)from a future settlement. A DOT physical can also be completed at this time for $35.00(subject to change) if needed.
  • Safety Equipment: All vehicles need to be equipped with the following: Reflective triangles/flares, fire extinguisher, E-Trac Bars, Straps and Pads.
  • Orientation: Orientation is a one day event starting early morning and ending late afternoon. Have all materials ready and filled out.
  • Driver/Customer Service: We at DMW pride ourselves on the high level of customer service we provide. Our professional drivers are often the first and last impression a customer remembers. So, we only hire professional, experienced, responsible, dedicated, drug free and TSA certified drivers.


  • All Permits Paid
  • Centralized Dispatch 24/7/365
  • Paid by the Mile
  • Accurate and Consistent Settlements
  • Open Door Policy
  • No Escrow Accounts
  • No Out of Pocket Cost to Sign On
  • No Forced Dispatch